Principal investigator

Postdoc. Fellow, 2020-2021
University of British Columbia, CA

Ph.D. Biology, 2016-2020
Université du Québec à Montréal, CA

M. Sc. Biology, 2012-2014
Université de Sherbrooke, CA

B. Sc. (Ag. Env. Sc.), 2009-2012
McGill University, CA

Geneviève Lajoie (elle/she/her) is the lab PI. Her main research interests revolve around microbial community ecology and the evolution of plant-microbe symbioses. She likes to integrate various approaches (e.g. genomics, functional ecology, phylogenetics) in conducting research.

Ph.D. students

Mobina Gholamhosseini (she/her) is starting her PhD research on the spatial and temporal responses of phyllosphere microbes to urbanization.
(Start: Sept 2022)

Master’s students

Laurine Dariel (elle/she/her) studies the relationships between diseases of miniature trees (bonsaïs & penjings) and their microbiome.
(Start: Jan 2023)

Abir Ben Salah (elle/she/her) is working on the phenotypic diversity of leaf bacteria as part of a Master 1 research internship .
(Start: Jan 2023)

Former lab members

Garance Demarquest (she/her), Master 2 Intern.
(Start: Jan 2022, End: June 2022)